Welcome to the World of Lucid Dreaming

Every single night when we dream, we are experiencing entire worlds of our creation- even more than that, we have the ability to consciously create within these worlds.

It’s called Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is the proven ability to consciously wake up while in a dream. Once you are awake, you can then do, create, and have anything you could possibly image. You can manipulate the scenery (all you have to do is think of snowboarding down a steep, snowy, pink mountain side and bam, you’re there), practice a hobby, fly, have sensual encounters, create worlds, travel to real places, climb ice cream mountains, surf down a waterfall on a leaf, and even talk to your dream characters. It’s not only a blast, but it can also be very medicinal; like years and years of therapy in just one night.

Becoming lucid enough to communicate with your dream characters. Sounds pretty crazy, I know (it kind of is). Since dreams are a reflection of your subconscious mind, when you are talking directly to a dream character, you are technically talking directly to your own subconscious mind. Therapists can try and guess what is going on in there, but only you really know; lucid dreaming can access that information.

For this, nightmares can be good.

Say what?

Once you realize how to become lucid, you can learn to face your fears. That is, if something is chasing you, for example, you can learn to stop running, turn to it, and tell it to stop. They always do! Then, you can ask it what it represents. Do you know how big of an advantage in life that is? Your nightmares will tell you what’s going on in your daily life, or what’s happened in the past, that is causing you to have the nightmare. Then, you can wake up and fix it.

There is an abundance of positivity and ways to grow and have fun during lucid dreaming, this is just my favorite one. I highly recommend for anyone and everyone to enter into the world of Lucid Dreaming.